NANO KERNEL Ltd., (NANO KERNEL), founded by a group of professional entrepreneurs to capitalize on the growing opportunities in the Information Technology arena. NANO KERNEL provides a wide range of Web based IT solutions to the whole spectrum of industries along with its e-com services.

NANO KERNEL professionals have strong experience in client / server environments, web enabled application development, corporate web and portal development. NANO KERNEL has developed many web applications and web based products.

The company has a software development unit in Bangalore, India, equipped with an excellent infrastructure and a dedicated team with international standards. It designs and maintains high-quality software with multi-platform capabilities.

NANO KERNEL Ltd., operates under four division:

System Integration

Software Product Development 

Project execution and consultancy

Industrial Automation

Considerable expertise in Software Development, NANO KERNEL undertakes on board turnkey projects


Enabling safe and success Resourceful by nature Trust our experience & Service which will help in making your work and life simple, easier and satisfactory.


By balancing the efficiency of new Technology with perfect touch of highly trained and motivated professionals, we will deliver solutions, we supply and service for satisfaction .

ISO Certificate

Meet client requirement Integration & transparency-to be ethical Excellence in Process & services Set standard for business by our leaders.

Nano Kernel Ltd


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