NKL IT Products

Integrated Depot Management System for Intelligent Transit Management (IDMS)

This Integrated Depot Management System for Intelligent Transit Organisation is a web based application for complete management of multiple bus depots & divisions to provide significant operational benefit in managing day to day operations.

NKL IT Products

Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS)

FareOne – The integrated and Automated Fare collection system helps to automate its Financial Characteristics, Operational Characteristics, better insight into Passenger profiles, perform Route Analysis to optimize on operational efficiency, Service Consumption, perform functional area productivity..

NKL IT Products

Incident Management System

IMS is a web based application which is used to manage the incidents for Transit Operators which comprises different sub systems such as Bus, Driver, Network, Station, DC/DR, Depot, Others , Card/Token, Turnstile/flap.

NKL IT Products

InVTrack - Vehicle tracking and AVLS platform for Transit Operators

NKL InVTrack platform is a web-based system that provides mapping and reporting to optimize fleet management. It drives four critical mobile application areas for fleets and mobile workforces including the Vehicle Tracking, Internet Access Communications..

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