NKL IT Services

Hardware Supply And System Integration

NANO KERNEL has hardware divisions and experience in large integration. Complete technical team along with software experts is available for the client for support.

NKL IT Services

Application Migration

Professional application migration approach includes detailed testing by experienced experts for the perfection and to reduce the migration risks. We offer wide range of application migration services.

NKL IT Services

Software Development

With latest technologies, customized, cost effective, high-quality software development & designing services is our specialty, our expertise result of our experience with wide range of industries in software development..

NKL IT Services

Application Development

For the development of wide range of applications, we use rich internet application tools and various technologies to increase interactivity. Our internet application tools and various technologies to increase interactivity.

NKL IT Services

Offshore Outsourcing

Offering premium quality services in development & designing of wide range IT products for our offshore outsourcing clients. Our IT outsourcing services for global clients includes facilities of hiring dedicated developers

NKL IT Services

E-Commerce Solutions

Series of all Ecommerce solutions under one roof is the easiest way of reducing overall cost, as we offer our “expertise” in designing, developing, departmental store for you.

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