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FareOne – The integrated and Automated Fare Collection System helps to automate the ticketing system of a transportation system. FareOne helps to automate the Financial Characteristics, Operational Characteristics, provide better insight into Passenger Profiles, perform Route Analysis to optimize on operational efficiency, Service Consumption, perform functional area productivity analysis and thereby create a unique Intelligent Transport Management System for BRTS/ METRO/ Bus service as per customer’s choice.


Point of Sale (POS) application as part of FareOne shall implement the pricing policy with the consideration of operational, commercial and social objectives of transport operators.

⦁ Automated Fare Collection System
⦁ Fare Gate Validators & Bus Card validation
⦁ Fare Matrix management System
⦁ Smart Card Validators and Common payment gateways
⦁ Financial Management System / Central Clearing House System
⦁ Depot Management System

The Solution Covers BRTS/MRT/METRO with following options:-

Single ticket: one journey (with time limit) – Zonal single ticket – Origin-Destination single ticket
⦁ Single ticket: several journeys within a limited duration, daily pass and Monthly pass
⦁ Single-mode / Single-operator ticket
⦁ Multi-mode / Multi-operator ticket
⦁ Return ticket
⦁ Multi-journey ticket
⦁ Season ticket (day, week, month, year)
⦁ Value ticket (Pay-as-you-go)
⦁ Off-peak ticket / Night ticket
⦁ Combined ticket (ex: Park & Ride)
⦁ Group ticket / Family ticket
⦁ Special event ticket

Ticketing media options include:
⦁ Cash
⦁ Cards
⦁ Paper tickets
⦁ Magnetic strip ticket
⦁ Contact-based smartcards
⦁ Contactless cards
⦁ Mobile ticketing

FareOne helps to increase the ridership by providing a quick and user- friendly fare collection system. FareOne is expanding in scope based on feedback. Transaction speed and customer satisfaction have become increasingly important for transport operators. This is precisely why various transport systems are steadily replacing paper tickets and tokens with smart cards and contactless payment cards, as well as mobile apps that allow passengers to use their smart phones to conveniently board buses, trains and ferries. Perhaps not surprisingly, there are currently multiple ‘smart’ options available for transport operators seeking to modernize their fare systems, including solutions based on barcodes, smart cards, EMV bank cards and mobile apps.

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