NKL IA Service

Nano Kernel provides real-time data acquisition platform with cloud computing, service and storage which can be deployed at multiple environment Any type of mobile / handheld devices / IoT devices that supports a web browser can communicate to hosted application through computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. The software provides GUI to use tracked data, display statuses, and retrieve reports or to analyze results. The platform enables a user to instantly view all real-time, recorded measures online, and it supports multiple users to simultaneously view, share and use the data remotely to achieve real-time data sharing and common usages towards a similar purpose or target. The application and services that provides users to monitor data and control or manage alerts from hand-held devices or computers over wireless/wired networking infrastructure. If the tracked data are out of specified ranges, the platform will support alerts via SMS (Short Message Service), voice messages, or e-mails to notify designated personnel who can initiate emergency tasks and prevent. Application provides an integrated real-time monitoring platform provide automatic online data collection, aggregation, digitized conversion, secured wireless and wired transmission, analyses and alerts generation, as well as storage capabilities effectively and efficiently. The system is capable of real-time monitoring using our platform in the cloud and also provide services in acquiring data from third party system for customer applications.

Nano Kernel Ltd


Going smart: How IoT technologies and automation can revolutionise laboratory practice
Despite the risks and fears around the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it relates to wider questions around security and privacy, a number of benefits exist in the field of scientific innovation and more


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