NKL IT Service

NANO KERNEL has hardware divisions and experience in large integration. Complete technical team along with software experts is available for support to the Client.

Offshore Software Development & IT Outsourcing

Our offshore association with our business partners to deliver the services in software development or other IT services for the development of different web products is based on unique customer-oriented principles of our company. Certain offshore outsourcing ethics are as follows:

⦁ Engagement of most experienced and talented IT professionals in outsourcing services
⦁ High level time management schedule for timely delivery of projects
⦁ Cost effective approach for the benefit of both business partners
⦁ Flexibility to respect business ethics of offshore business partner
⦁ customer satisfaction is foremost and the absolute goal of our company
⦁ Regular research & development on past, current and upcoming events in IT industry, updating our professionals’ knowledge for delivery of quality & latest IT services to clients.
⦁ performing efficiency enhancing programs at regular intervals and implementation of new and    improved methods of development & design.
⦁ concern for customer satisfaction and long-term business relationship with offshore IT outsourcing clients.

Among all above, we have organized a separate professional team for Offshore Software Development & IT Outsourcing Services including experienced & talented senior project managers, team leaders, module leaders, software programmers, marketing professionals and specially designed infrastructure of the company for smooth communication with offshore clients.

Nano Kernel Ltd


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