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This Integrated Depot Management System for Intelligent Transit Organisation is a web based application for complete management of multiple bus depots & divisions to provide significant operational benefit in managing day to day operations. The application will operate in compliance to the requirements of Business Rules of transit and other application areas and are designed to be readily accommodating future modifications to the Business Rules with minimum customisation.


This integrated depot management system certainly provided us the most efficient and comprehensive way of tracking and monitoring our depots day-to-day operations. The operations team & users can adapt and kind in operating a tool that is perfectly tailored to suit the public transit depot management specifications and requirements.

⦁ Application to meet technical & functional requirements of intelligent transport organisation,    complete automation of centralised multiple depot operations.
⦁ Efficient planning of services & repair work
⦁ Detailed record of work order details with status completed, work in progress, pending etc
⦁ Detailed inventory information
⦁ Real-time visibility of work order& status
⦁ Reduction of delay at operations
⦁ Real-time visibility of stock in hand
⦁ Correct & accurate real-time information for fast & error free finance info
⦁ Pre-plan the service & repairs , to reduce the congestion in yard
⦁ Increase depot space utilisation, increase crew efficiency, roaster creation & monitor
⦁ Improve crew satisfaction with real time & accurate updates
⦁ Variety of reports for all dependent modules, fuel management, Hr management, vehicle    management, Inventory management, Work shop management etc.
⦁ Track & monitor the consumption of Fuel for each vehicle
⦁ Track & monitor the spare consumption for each vehicle
⦁ Real-time visibility to Employee worked hours, days, OT , Loss of pay, salary & statutory    payments
⦁ Real-time visibility of Employee roaster , employee attendance & vehicle allocation
⦁ Easy to train , use & expand the usability of application to reach multiple domains
⦁ Can be accessed by mobile also with suitable login

Modules included in IDMS
⦁ Information & interface
⦁ Administration
⦁ Human Resource Management
⦁ Fleet Management
⦁ Workshop management
⦁ Fuel Management
⦁ Inventory Management
⦁ CAD( computer aided dispatch)
⦁ Finance Module Posting

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