NKL IA Product

Nano Kernel provide a cloud based application suite that helps industries to handle Real-Time Production Data to Optimize Operations. This will fetch the data from the existing legacy systems / IOT data and use robotics, sensors, big data, automation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, cyber security systems and other cutting-edge technologies to deliver unprecedented flexibility, precision and efficiency to the manufacturing process. Easy Plug & Play / Drag & Drop tool with minimum programming skills. The suite has module that will interface the configuration and Monitoring of key data point to control the production environment in below sector. There are interfaces that will allow easy extraction and normalization of data from a wide variety of sources (both real-time and non-real-time), with useful dashboard views and alerts using drag-and-drop technology. Platforms will allow data to be fed to machine-learning pipelines and emergent patterns easily viewed. Orchestrations that influence behavior of the entire system that can be created. Proposed visual orchestration tools will allow drag-and-drop workflow design, built from a palette of programmatic components. These workflows can be tested and deployed as micro-services: Energy sector ( smart grid and optimization), Smart Factory ( Smart Building and Manufacturing), Smart Mobility ( Transportation, Parking management & Logistics) and Smart cities including smart Homes.

Nano Kernel Ltd


Going smart: How IoT technologies and automation can revolutionise laboratory practice
Despite the risks and fears around the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it relates to wider questions around security and privacy, a number of benefits exist in the field of scientific innovation and more


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