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NKL InVTrack platform is a web-based system that provides mapping and reporting to optimize fleet management. It drives four critical mobile application areas for fleets and mobile workforces including the Vehicle Tracking, Internet Access Communications (messaging & email), Telemetry and activity Monitoring and wireless application and internet connectivity

Our fleet management solution brings together every piece of critical fleet data, delivering it to back office staff, and enabling better informed decisions and collaboration with the fleet-based workforce – increasing business process and efficiency. The TRACER system is the best platform for growth. Upgrades may be carried out over-the-air to the vehicle ensures that your system can grow with your company’s changing requirements.


⦁ The On Board Unit (OBU) provided by NKL is fully configurable over-the-air and supports remote    upgrades.

⦁ GPS – based location and status reporting

⦁ Uses available GSM / GPRS networks

⦁ Store and forward capability – store up to 1000 records

⦁ Improved GPS -based location accuracy (WAAS)

⦁ Real-time vehicle tracking and status monitoring

⦁ GPS antenna disconnect alarm

⦁ Multiple Geofences

⦁ Receive alerts when vehicle enters or exits specifically-defined Geofences

⦁ Over-the-air configuration & software upgrades

⦁ Internet access over GSM / GPRS

⦁ Telemetry ports – Vehicle monitoring & control capabilities (door lock / unlock, engine    immobilization, panic buttons)

Mapping Features

The GPS data recreates the real time trace of route, line, trips and schedule. The mapping will be compared with actual schedule and actual run to compare the schedule adherence. Mapping is available with high resolution with Google / Openstreet maps including Satellite or Arial view.

Messaging/Paperless Reporting

Supports digital reporting using mobile data terminals, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) or laptops. Establish a real-time connection to your back office for invoicing, inventory or customer lookup. 

MIS Reports

The Solution provides reports critical to optimizing business practices that range from more effective routing to more accurate customer billing. It can determine both the driver and the routing efficiency by analyzing the length of time a specific trip takes. The management can then compare results can be made against other drivers logs as well as different times throughout the day. Landmark reports may also be used to gauge load times at customer sites – key for accurate billing.


The system provides different higher level of functionalities, including safety to your employees in the form of a remote panic button for summoning assistance or even an ignition disabling function to prevent unauthorized usage or vehicle-jacking threats, or even action monitoring by incorporating different sensors with the vehicles.

The Driver Logs

Automated driver information pertaining to the length of time a driver is behind the wheel, such as shift starts and stops, when breaks occur and the length of time between shifts is automatically generated, reducing margin of error, and maximizing driver efficiency.

Schedule Adherence

Schedule Adherence provides the ability to track how well a vehicle adheres to a planned schedule and issue alerts whenever a vehicle deviates from the path. Users can build schedules using their in-house planning system and upload to the system with ease. “behind schedule“, or “stopped too long“ notifications can be sent to an SMS phone or email address to alert the user of any deviations.

Back end Integration

System is seamlessly integrated with Vehicle planning and Scheduling System, Incident Management System, Finance Management System, Fare Collection System, cash-up and settlement system. The system also integrates with such systems as the Customer Management Application that helps track routes and determine business plan to support customers and promote relationship.

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