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Nano Kernel provides services to business activities that are implemented by connecting one another for a better harmony with them, allowing it continue as a going concern. The services includes automation of management system, Selling System, production system, production distribution system and financial system. This will enable the enterprises to manage human resources, and to draw up management structure plans as well as business plans indispensable for its future development and also manage customers and distributors, its inventory control, order management in order to improve customer service, expand its market share , and increase its sales volume. The system makes an effective use of production materials of human resources, raw materials and facilities to perform the engineering, purchasing, and producing activities so that it can produce adequate products to meet certain conditions (in quantity and delivery time) at the lowest cost. The Product distribution system helps functions as a supplementary means in such activities as product positioning, sales promotion, and product distribution, and performs various activities including packing, loading/unloading, shipping, storing and communications, in order to supply more adequate products to the company’s customers. The automation covers the entire production system can be said to consist of three systems: production control system (planning and administration divisions), engineering system (engineeriing division), and manufacturing system (manufacturing division). We can deliver the system that automatically uses automatic machine tools, robots, etc. to perform processing and assembly operations in response to the production schedule information and manufacturing technology information received from production control system and engineering system, respectively.

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Going smart: How IoT technologies and automation can revolutionise laboratory practice
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